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University Startup Challenge


Registration Date :
22 May 2021
Closing Date :
23 June 2021
Session Date :
25 - 27 June 2021

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Registration Date :
22 May 2021
Closing Date :
29 June 2021
Session Date :
2 - 4 July 2021

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Registration Date :
22 May 2021
Closing Date :
6 July 2021
Session Date :
9 - 11 July 2021

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Registration Date :
22 May 2021
Closing Date :
13 July2021
Session Date :
16 - 18 July 2021

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Participants are only required to join one (1) session

USC Bootcamp

MaGIC University Startup Challenge 2021 is a 6-month virtual startup experience and pitching competition designed for students from Institutions of Higher Learning in Malaysia.
The programme is divided into two (2) tracks; Technology-Driven Track and Impact Driven Track. The participants will gain first-hand experience through the six (6) content modules; Ideation, Validation, MVP/ Prototype Development, Go-to-market, Financials, and Pitching, This will be a journey-based content designed to infuse the necessary experience in starting up for the participating students.

University Startup Challenge Theme

Track 01
Technology Driven
Impact Driven

Who Is This For

Higher Learning Institution
Aspiring Youth Entrepreneurs

Why University Startup Challenge

Advice and guidance from experts and mentors
Cash prizes to kickstart your business
Exposure to innovative entrepreneurial mindset and tools
Showcase your startup to the ecosystem

Curriculum Overview

USC Idea Camp (2-Day Virtual class)

Fundamentals of Social Innovation and Technological startups
Refining ideas and identifying the right business model and value proposition
Identifying the right product or service for the right target market
Refining ideas through the idea validation process
Build an effective pitch deck using refined ideas

USC Bootcamp (3-Day Virtual class)

Measuring the right marketing metrics to drive optimal Return-On-Investment
Strategise your branding, marketing plan, channel, and access to market
Developing a minimum viable product (MVP) and identify the user journey
Learn how to have stable revenue streams and capital/ funds
Exploring crowdfunding opportunity
Present and demonstrate your products or services prior to product development

What We Offer

A startup toolkit will be provided for support
Opportunity to know the startup ecosystem
Continuous support from MaGIC and partners to join advanced programmes and initiatives
Continuous mentoring through MaGIC Mentorship Programme
Cash prize up to
RM 10,000 for the selected winners

How to Register

More Information

What is University Startup?

Active projects conducted by a group of students in Institutions of Higher Learning in the solution of solutions / products / services / needs require special either for class assignments / final year studies / competitions / part-time activities / or projects carried out as a hobby in leisure.

What is the range of solutions/products and/or services covered under USC?

There will be two (2) major categories; Technology-Driven Track and Impact Driven Track. In general, solutions, products and/or services can be in any type of industry/ field as long as it involves creativity & innovation, technology, and/ or creates social & environmental impact.

What is Technology Driven Track?

Empowering creativity and innovation in the solution/business idea that leverage technological elements as the enabler in creating an impact to the Malaysian economic development plan. It also must be sustainable in terms of financial, productivity, value and impact creation.

What is Impact Driven Track?

Despite creativity and innovation, the solution/business idea must have the social and/or environmental mission and impact in making our world a better place. Apart from being impactful, it must be scalable and sustainable in terms of financial, productivity, value and impact creation.

How does USC works?

Applicants will be required to undergo USC Idea Camp (2-Day classes) before being shortlisted to USC Bootcamp (3-Day classes). Only 80 groups from both tracks will be selected to participate in USC Bootcamp and USC Quest + Mentorship (4 Months).
There will be additional classes, workshops, and sharing sessions during the period of USC Quest + Mentorship. At the end of this period, only 20 groups from both tracks that complete all the given quest and 10 groups from Wildcard selection will be selected to compete in the demo day to win a cash prize of up to RM 10,000 for product and market development.

Is there a limit to the number of solutions/products and/or services for each group applicant?

Yes, each group applicant is allowed to submit only one (1) solution/ product/ service.

Is there a limit to the number of team members registered under USC?

Yes, each group applicant is required to have a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 4 members.

Who is eligible to apply for USC?

All group members must be a registered local or foreign student from either public or private Higher Learning Institutes (HILs) such as University, College, Polytechnic, and Institute based in Malaysia.

It is open to youths from ages 18 to 35 who are actively undergoing any level of studies, from A Levels/ Foundations to Diploma, Degree, Master and PhD level, and each group applicant must have at least one (1) Malaysian team member.

How to apply USC?

Register on this page by filling up all the details and attach the startup info deck/ slides as required before the closing date. MaGIC will announce whether the application has been selected within 1 week after the closing date.

What to submit upon application?

Every group applicant is required to submit their application form together with the Startup Info Deck including other supporting documents (if available) such as Income statement, Business plan/ Business proposal, SSM certification, pitching videos or any other relevant document.

What should be included in Startup Info Deck?

- About solution/ product/ service and  team
- Why do you choose to develop your solution/ product/ service? (Problem statements with solutions)
- Business Model
- Value Proposition
- How it works (Process, Design, UI, UX, and other technicalities)
- Marketing- Target Market, Market Segment, Marketing channels, etc
- Competition Analysis and Competitive advantage
- Revenue model/ Revenue stream
- Project timeline or forecast
- Success Stories/ Achievements

Can I update my registration information?

Yes, you can edit your registration information before the closing date.

Is my registration ticket transferrable?

No, you are not allowed to transfer your ticket to another person, but instead, they would need to submit a new application.

Is there any programme fee?

No, it is free for everyone.

What is USC Quest?

A period of 4 months for participants to complete all the tasks given by the organizer to be selected to proceed to the USC Finale which will be held a few weeks after. The quests are as follows:

Quest 1: Company incorporation under SSM
Quest 2: Develop Landing page/ Website/ Apps/ MVP/ Prototype
Quest 3: Do Market validation
Quest 4: Complete at least 5 mentoring sessions
Quest 5: Submit a finalized demo & Pitching video (5 minutes) and Validation report
Quest 6: Initiate Crowdfunding Campaign (TBC)

For more details please referhere: