Startup Journey Map

A curation of learning pathways, events, programmes and services to get the most of your entrepreneurship journey.

Early Stage


University Startup Challenge

MaGIC’s University Startup Challenge (USC) 2020, a 2-day startup immersion and pitching competition for students in higher learning across Malaysia. It equips students with entrepreneurial mindset and skills through an intense syllabus that helps them refine, build and showcase their ideas turned prototypes through fundamental workshops, mentoring, sharing sessions and networking opportunities.

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Startup Essentials

Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. Fortune 500 companies and tech leaders use Design Thinking to learn from customers, evaluate and pursue high-impact ideas, develop new products, speed up time to market, build digital solutions that solve real-world issues and more.

Business Modal Canvas Workshop

A course designed to help you map your business model using a proven methodology introduced in a book entitled Business Model Generation. Learn how to visualize, prototype, scan the environment, test and pitch your idea in a clear, simple and compelling way.

Pitching Workshop

It is important to understand what investors are looking for in a pitch, how to ensure all key elements are presented, the flow of a good pitch presentation and basic presentation skills that allow presenters to be confident, clear and concise. Good ideas are only as good as its creator’s ability to communicate them.

A startup founder has the crucial responsibility of not only kickstarting their enterprise but delivering strong, persuasive and visionary communication. This is especially important when looking to fundraise, as part of a persuasive pitch is compelling visuals that deliver clear messaging. Hence, the proposal of the program of ‘The Art of Pitching’.

Come and join this 2 days Pitching workshop and able to pitch in real experience pitching stage!

Grill or Chill

A platform for startups to pitch ideas and showcase solutions to receive invaluable advice and critical feedback from ecosystem experts. Open to public, GoC allows for aspiring entrepreneurs to validate their business ideas and network with like minded individuals.

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Middle Stage

Product Development

MaGIC Bootcamp

MaGIC Bootcamp is a two-week pre-accelerator designed for problem-solvers who want to deep-dive into the tools of innovation and learn how to turn their ideas into startups

Co-Working Space

MaGIC Cyberjaya Campus Co-Working Space is designed to be a collaborative workspace for the startup community. It’s more than just a shared office — it’s a community-driven hangout where entrepreneurs could gather to create, share, and discuss ideas with peers, mentors, partners, and allies.

Focus on running your businesses smoothly while MaGIC takes care of the rest.


MaGIC  Bootcamp is a 2-week programme providing immersive experience for early-stage startups, and those with an innovation idea, with an opportunity to pilot their idea, test business plans, solidify impact delivery models and secure investment using innovative entrepreneurship strategies.



Global Accelerator Programme (GAP) Cohort 5

This multi-award-winning 3-month intensive programme seeks to assist promising local and global mid-to-late stage start-ups with established product-market-fit for investment. It is especially designed for start-ups that have launched a product with reasonable traction, as well as highly scalable ones carrying a growth potential business model. Ideal start-ups should be less than 3 years old, with a strong focus on expanding their business in Southeast Asia.

Late Stage


MyStartup Hub

MaGIC’s MyStartup Hub Program (MSH) is a soft-landing programme for global innovative startups from all over the world to establish a business hub in Malaysia. Collaborating with Malaysian ministries and agencies, MyStartup Hub provides assistance in company incorporation, local talent acquisition, and market access.

Global Market-Fit Programme (GMP)

MaGIC’s Global Market-Fit Program (GMP) provides a platform for high growth innovative startups to explore cultures, understand ways of business and gain international market access in countries beyond ASEAN. This program aims to provide assistance for startups to accelerate growth with new product/solution market-fit strategies expanding to other countries.

National Technology & Innovation Sandbox (NTIS)

NTIS is an initiative to accelerate Malaysia into a high-tech and high-income nation via  innovation-driven solutions by providing access to funding, driving talent development, as  well as fast-track R&D and commercialisation through simplified policies and regulations.

NTIS is led by MOSTI and supported by its secretariat which will take on the coordination  and implementation of key projects. The secretariat consists of various government agencies  involved in the country’s innovation ecosystem, including MaGIC, which will lead the group  and act as a central depository for ideas, solutions and intellectual property; MIMOS Berhad  and Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) which will identify new solutions, run technology  audits and facilitate certification processing; Futurise Sdn Bhd which will take on the  regulatory components of the sandbox; and the Malaysian Technology Development  Corporation (MTDC) the main funding partners for the sandbox.

The establishment of NTIS will spur local startups and innovators to develop innovative  solutions and fast track the regulatory process via a sandbox testbed, thus providing a solid  foundation for a sustainable economy driven by innovative solutions.



MDEC: Global Acceleration & Innovation Network (GAIN)

The Global Acceleration & Innovation Network (GAIN) program is designed to catalyse the expansion of Malaysian and Malaysia-based technology companies that have the potential to become global players, ultimately building more Malaysian global tech icons. It is a program under Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), a government-owned agency launched in 1996 to pioneer the transformation of Malaysia’s digital economy.

Cradle: Coach & Grow Programme

The Coach & Grow Programme (CGP) is a public-private partnership between Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle) and Proficeo where Cradle are the Programme Owners and administrators and Proficeo are the architects and designers who conduct programme implementation.

It is a market driven programme intended to bring together key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to nurture existing entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to greater heights via coaching. It is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the tools and ‘show-how’ to implement strategies and plans during commercialisation and growth stages.