Social Innovation

Cultivating an inclusive community of innovators to help address our biggest social and environmental challenges

Social innovation is by all.
For all. For good.

At MaGIC, we aim to be the Social Innovation Hub in Malaysia and the region by cultivating and nurturing an inclusive community of innovators to address social and environmental concerns. We believe in innovative business models, use of technology, and entrepreneurship to create sustainable and impactful change.

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By All.

Collaborating together for innovative solutions to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

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For All.

Transforming solutions, disrupting social norms and meeting social needs for the benefits of all.

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For Good.

Innovating to create effective, efficient and sustainable systemic changes which truly make a difference.

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Why Social Innovation
is Important?

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Embracing Change

Life is a flux. Changes are sometimes small but at other times disruptive. During these times, we have learnt that adapting via innovating is key.

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Shared Prosperity

We believe that impact-driven innovation accelerates social progress alongside economic growth to bring about shared prosperity.

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Society-based Solutions

Propelling the nation towards a commitment to innovate to address social and environmental issues, ensuring no one will be left behind.

*Sustainable Development Goals
Last Update: 19 October 2020

Be part of the movement

Social Innovation takes collaborative efforts for true social impact.
Participate with us as a:

Social Innovator

Participate in our programmes to grow and bring your ideas to life.

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Impact Partner

Join our community of like minded impact driven organisations.

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Accelerate innovation ideas and help bring impactful solutions to the market.

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Targeted impact areas

Open to projects or initiatives providing innovative solutions in
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Environmental Protection

Climate change has led to extreme weather events affecting our natural ecosystem, impacting our wellbeings and future generations.

It is vital to protect the environment through the decarbonisation of energy systems, reduction in industrial pollution and the conservation of land and biodiversity.

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Food Security

With rapid population growth, land and water scarcity, as well as exploitative food systems, access to sufficient and safe food supply is not a concession for the privileged.

It is key to provide food for all using inclusive strategies to make food systems efficient, resilient and reliable for people - from food production to supply chain management.

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Health & Social Wellbeing

In a fast-paced and evolving world, our society is faced with ever changing social struggles and diseases.

In the pursuit of universal healthcare for social wellbeing, it is imperative to
support health systems for primary care, disease control and changes to social norms and behaviours - to promote healthier lifestyles and mental health.

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Community Livelihood

Livelihood challenges and income inequality have led to limited access to education, skills and decent jobs to provide for the family and grow the community as a whole.

Nation building starts from home. The provision of quality education, skill-based training and income opportunities is crucial to community livelihoods. It tackles poverty, gender inequality and focuses on shared growth for national prosperity.

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Heritage Preservation

Modernisation can lead to an irreversible lost of our precious culture and heritage.

Historical heritage provides a sense of identity and continuity in a globalised world. As a nation of diversity, it is everyone’s duty to protect the invaluable inheritance and practices, the multitude of cultures, as well as the arts and traditions of the people.

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What We Offer

For Social Innovator

Through our programmes, we provide tools and knowlege to social innovators to scale their solutions. The key is to foster an impact-driven innovation environment.

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For Funders

Creating a network of private funders to support startups for scaleable impact.

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Social Impact Matching Grant

A matching grant totalling RM10 million for organisations who can crowdsource contributions and donations to undertake social or environmental projects.

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Other Recommendation

Capturing opportunities to encourage & support everyone in the community such as corporates, academic institutions, non-profits, government, and the general public to become social innovators.