National Technology and Innovation Sandbox

National Technology and Innovation Sandbox (NTIS) is a facility that allows researchers, innovators, startups and high-tech entrepreneurs to test their products, services, business models and delivery mechanisms in a live environment.
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It provides a “safe place” for research with relaxations from all or selected regulatory requirements for technology and product development.

NTIS Functions

NTIS is a solution coordination centre for existing and new problem statements. Its objective is to accelerate advanced technology adoption and also aid with economic recovery using locally developed innovations and inventions. NTIS role can be categorised in three phases:
Idea Development and Validation
Product Efficacy Development
Product Development and Approval for Market Adoption

NTIS Targeted Sectors

Applications are open to products, technologies, solutions, and R&D from all sectors but there will be a preference for the following sectors given the current needs:
Medical and Healthcare Technology
Culture, Arts and Tourism

NTIS Focused Technologies

Applicants may refer to 10-10 Science, Technology, Innovation and Economy (STIE) by Academy of Sciences Malaysia. It is open to all technology, with priority given to the following:
5G / 6G
Sensor Technology
4D/5D Printing
Advanced Materials
Advanced Intelligent Systems
Cyber-security & Encryption
Augmented Analytics & Data Discovery

Neuro Technology
Bioscience Technology
Manufacturing Technologies
Electrical & Electronics

Benefits and Support

Reskilling and upskilling initiatives
Capacity building programmes
Enabling initiatives
Market access
Regulatory operationalisation programmes
Testbed and test environment facilitation
Facilitation/review of regulations and laws
Multi-industry adoption

Types of Products, Technologies, Solutions, and R&D Which Requires Regulatory Sandbox

Solutions that operate in a ‘grey area’ or are not under the clear purview of any existing regulation or law. This would mean products, technologies, solutions, and R&D that do not have any clearly defined rules and regulations and are facing issues with regulators with regards to commercialisation due to regulatory barriers as there are no clear guidelines on how to operate.

More Information

When will applications open for the National Technology and Innovation Sandbox?

Applications will be open from the 1st of July onwards but the application evaluation process will start in September 2020.

Who are the regulators?

Government departments or agencies who oversee regulations and laws that oversee a certain industry.

Who are the NTIS implementation agencies?

NTIS is spearheaded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), with support from MaGIC, TPM and MIMOS as the NTIS secretariat to enable and coordinate the rollout. Additionally, the NTIS will be supported by the private sector industry.

What is the benefit of the NTIS to startups and companies?

The NTIS will provide a structured framework for the latest innovations to be tested in a controlled environment for innovators, researchers and product developers.

What does the commercialisation of a product mean?

The commercialisation of a product means converting a product or solution from the R&D stage to a commercially viable product procured by government agencies or corporates.

Apa yang di maksudkan dengan ‘persekitaran terkawal’?

Persekitaran terkawal ialah ruang di mana uji kaji boleh dijalankan dengan selamat dalam simulasi dunia sebenar untuk memastikan tiada risiko kepada pihak industri.

Apakah perbezaan Sandbox Pengawalseliaan Nasional dengan Sandbox Teknologi dan Inovasi Nasional?

Sandbox Pengawalseliaan Nasional hanyalah memberi tumpuan kepada  isu-isu berkaitan dengan perundangan dan peraturan manakala Sandbox Teknologi dan Inovasi Nasional (NTIS) merujuk kepada isu-isu berkaitan dengan inovasi dan peraturan yang akan menjejaskan atau menyekat pengunapakai inovasi. NTIS mampu memudahcarakan program-program inovasi untuk pengunapakai teknologi tinggi melalui penyediaan platform yang lebih kondusif.

Who can apply to the NTIS?

●  Malaysian citizens or registered companies in Malaysia which have at least 51% ownership by Malaysians and the primary base of operations is in Malaysia.
●  The primary applicant must be a Malaysian citizen above 18 years old and residing in Malaysia.

How do I apply to the National Technology and Innovation Sandbox?

Applications will open on 1st July 2020. Register your interest at the following link:
For further inquiries and any information, please email to

How long is the application process?

Applications will be processed each month. Applicants will receive an email notification as a confirmation of receipt. Applicants may contact the secretariat to find out about the status of the application.

Is there an application fee?

There is no application fee.

How will you ensure intellectual property protection – that my ideas submitted will not be shared, sold or stolen?

Provide high-level concepts for the initial application process. Ideas submitted will receive email acknowledgement by the secretariat and is an overview of the concept. Submission will be kept strictly private and accessible to the secretariat only.

Is there a limit to the number of submissions per applicant?

There is no limit to the number of applications but all applicants will be required to prioritise their projects.

Goals of the National TECHNOLOGY AND Innovation Sandbox
What is the purpose of the NTIS?

● To drive talent development so the country reaches its potential of becoming a high tech nation.
● To create an alternative route for local technology solution providers to access government procurement.
● To increase sector productivity through the use of advanced technology.
● To accelerate R&D and commercialization by working with regulators to relax rules and regulations for a controlled testing environment.
● To enhance Malaysia’s digital infrastructure and technology platforms.
● Increase the innovation and commercialisation rate.

What are the goals of the NTIS?

Address challenges facing society and the government at the national, federal and local level, which includes:
     ● Reduce foreign national labour dependency.
     ● Increase employment opportunities for Malaysians.
     ● Increase Gross Domestic Product (GDP) / Gross National Income (GNI).
     ● Increase participation, investment and collaboration in research by the private sector.
     ● Increase the innovation and commercialisation rate.