Social Impact Matching Grant

Double the impact. For every ringgit crowdfunded, receive another through the Social Impact Matching Grant.

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About the SIM Grant

The SIM grant totaling RM10 million, a PENJANA initiative, was introduced to support social enterprises and social innovation in Malaysia. For every ringgit earned through crowdfunding, SIM Grant will match that amount, in a 1:1 ratio.

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Promoting social entrepreneurs

Supporting businesses and individuals on a mission to make the Malaysia a better place for all.

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Scaling social solutions

For every ringgit given, SIM will provide another, doubling the impact.

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Encouraging public participation

To be involved in delivering solutions to society.

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Targeted impact areas

Open to projects or initiatives providing innovative solutions in
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Environmental Protection

Climate change has led to extreme weather events affecting our natural ecosystem, impacting our wellbeing and those of our future generations.

It is vital to protect the environment through the decarbonisation of energy systems, reduction in industrial pollution and the conservation of land and biodiversity.

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Food Security

With rapid population growth, land and water scarcity, as well as exploitative food systems, access to sufficient and safe food supply is not a concession for the privileged.

It is key to provide food for all, using inclusive strategies to make food systems, efficient, resilient and reliable for people - from food production to supply chain management.

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Health & Social Wellbeing

In a fast-paced and evolving world, our society is faced with ever changing social struggles and diseases.

In the pursuit of universal healthcare for social wellbeing, it is imperative to support health systems for primary care, disease control and changes to social norms and behaviours - to promote healthier lifestyles and mental health.

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Community Livelihood

Livelihood challenges and income inequality have led to limited access to education, skills and decent jobs to provide for the family and grow the community as a whole.

Nation building starts from home. The provision of quality education, skill-based training and income opportunities is crucial to community livelihoods. It tackles poverty, gender inequality and focuses on shared growth for national prosperity.

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Heritage Preservation

Modernisation can lead to an irreversible loss of our precious culture and heritage.

Historical heritage provides a sense of identity and continuity in a globalised world. As a nation of diversity, it is everyone’s duty to protect the invaluable inheritance and practices, the multitude of cultures, as well as the arts and traditions of the people.

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Who can apply?

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Social Enterprises

Recognised by MaGIC under the SE.Accreditation  Programme

Up to RM500,000

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Social Enterprises

Non-accredited impact-driven entities registered with MaGIC

Up to RM250,000

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Individuals and
Other Entities

Social impact-driven individuals and entities who are just getting started

Up to RM20,000

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Eligible Matchable Funds

Funds raised or crowdfunded from 1 July 2020 onwards from:
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Eligible Donors

Any form of registered/verified entities in and/or outside Malaysia

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Government and/or government related entities funded by the Government of Malaysia

Eligible Sources

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Donations or charitable proceeds (cash/in-kind) received without returns expected

Contributions from grants received without returns expected

Investments with returns expected, including owner’s equity

Financing or loans received from financial institutions

Proceeds from business transactions or procurement

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Application process and criteria
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for social impact

Provide innovative solutions to tackle environmental and social issues covered by SIM’s impact areas

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at least 80%

Successfully crowdfund at least 80% of the amount you are applying for

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eligible funds

Donations and contributions raised effectively from 1st July 2020 from private registered entities

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Tell us about your project

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Proposal Content

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Intended project or business plan

Cash flow projections

Utilisation of proceeds

Impact indicators to track progress

Detailed implementation plan

Historical track record

Team credentials

Assessment Criteria

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Novelty of innovation

Effectiveness of proceed utilisation

Feasibility of proposal

Scalability of impact

Capability of management or team promoter

Proof of funds received

Provide evidence of crowdfunded amount received

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Sign an agreement

Commit to the grant’s terms and conditions plus your impact milestones

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Get your grant

Once inked, first tranche to be disbursed within 14 working days

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Read these documents to prepare a successful application

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Crowdfunding Platform Partners

Successful SIM grant applicants enjoy a 20% rebate on platform fees, for the first RM 1 million raised on each platform.

Additional crowdfunding support - info sessions and promotional campaigns.

Funding Opportunities

A public list of grants and competitions whose funds you can potentially match towards the SIM Grant
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Claim your tax incentive

Successful SIM Grant applicants will now be able to issue tax receipts to their donors
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SIM Grant approved

Upon approval by the Joint Approval Committee, the SIM Grant Applicant will write in to penjanasegrant@mymagic.my and submit the required documents.

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Document Submission

On behalf of the applicant, MaGIC will submit the documents to the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to process. Once processed, MaGIC will get in touch with the applicant.

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Crosscheck across Agencies

The applicant can issue tax receipts to their donors upon MOF’s approval. The tax receipts must contain specific information listed here.

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Donors to Claim

With the tax receipt issued, the donor may claim the rebate from MOF

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Please note:  Only cash donations received from 1 August 2020 onwards to 31 July 2021 are eligible. Further terms and conditions applied.

More Information

About SIM

When will the SIM Grant be available and for how long?

The SIM Grant will open for application starting 1 August 2020 for a period of 12 months or upon full disbursement of RM10 million, whichever comes first.

How It Works

What is the matching ratio of the SIM Grant?

The matching ratio of the grant is at 1 to 1 (1:1) i.e. for every RM1.00 crowdfunded by the applicant, RM1.00 grant will be awarded; equivalent to the amount it has successfully crowdfunded subject to the capping amount, based on the types of applicant (Accredited SE, Non-accredited SE, and any other individual or entity).

Application Process

How to apply for the SIM Grant?

Applicants must submit their application via an online platform determined by MaGIC. Complete information and documentation must be submitted online to facilitate evaluation by MaGIC. There are three (3) steps to the application process as follows:

Step 1 - Eligibility screening process;
Step 2 - Due diligence process, followed by evaluation and approval of the applicant by JAC;
Step 3 - Documentation and grant disbursement