Why Southeast Asia is One of the Best Places to be an Entrepreneur

June 6, 2018

The ASEAN market is one of the world's most diverse and entrepreneurial - a market that is ready for innovation, creativity, and even disruption. And no, it's not the sort of entrepreneurism that is dependent on powerful government connections or contracts either.It may have something to do with the young-ish population in the region.A regional study by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) back in 2014 found that two-thirds of its 642 million population, which makes up about 9% of the global population, sees entrepreneurship as a positive career choice, higher than GEM's global average of 62.46%.A key factor is that while nearly a tenth of the world population lives in Southeast Asia, their economic activity only makes up 3.2% of the world's GDP.The developing economies in the region are still grappling with legacy issues such as old infrastructure, which presents opportunities for the entrepreneurial.