Video AI saves businesses during pandemic

December 14, 2020

Tapway is offering video AI solution as a useful tool in the fight against Covid-19

AS the current pandemic is raging across the world, businesses are now responsible for ensuring that social distancing measures are adhered to in their premises.

Given the challenges, video AI has emerged to be a useful tool in the fight against Covid-19.

Tapway’s video AI solution enable businesses to comply with government rules and most importantly, helps to propel businesses towards a “touchless” economy to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Established in 2014, Tapway sets its vision to digitalise physical spaces by leveraging technologies to capture, monitor and transform real world data into actionable insights to help businesses improve customer experience, enhance security and streamline business operations.

With video AI (artificial intelligence), Internet-of-things (IoT) and cloud as their core competencies, Tapway has developed solutions to track people, faces, vehicles and assets.

To help businesses apply the “new normal”, Tapway has developed several solutions to mitigate different challenges caused by Covid-19.

By using facial recognition technology, self-service temperature measurement helps businesses to automate staff and visitor access to their premises without any interaction with security guards.

This feature recognises and raises the alert when people when enter the premises without wearing a mask.

Moreover, the automation of crowd management for social distancing is helping businesses to generate alerts when people are too close to each other.

Video AI has been known to benefit various industries with its range of applications.

For example, manufacturers are leveraging video AI to enhance the accuracy of quality inspection analysis in the production floor to reduce human error.

As for retailers, with the dwell and queue analysis, they are able to optimise customer experience by eliminating inefficiencies throughout the customer's journey.

Smart cities can benefit from video AI by automating traffic violation detection to alert on-ground teams to track down violators instantly in real-time.

As for healthcare, medical imaging using video AI can assist doctors in their decision-making by providing inputs to any anomalies.

Recently, Tapway secured funding from Malaysia Venture Capital Management Berhad, Segnel Ventures and other angel investors.

Since then, it has been planning to raise a series A fund next year, while striving to continue growing and innovating solutions for different industries to automate processes with IoT and video AI.

Besides, the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) has also played a big role in supporting Tapway’s development with their amazing programme initiative.

Tapway being a part of MaGIC e@Standford 2014 programme.

This includes the MaGIC e@stanford 2014 programme in Silicon Valley, where they supported Tapway’s co-founders to have a better understanding of strategic innovation, entrepreneurship, decision process, leadership and management throughout the programme.

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