The social venture builder

January 14, 2018

WHENEVER you meet someone who is involved in either a charitable cause or a social enterprise, it's only natural to wonder where their social consciousness came from. A lot of the time, it's due to upbringing. The values their parents imparted usually have an impact on what they do later in life.In the case of Redza Shahid, one principle his father taught him was a key factor indirectly in leading him to co-found Grub Cycle, a social enterprise that deals with the issue of food wastage. And that value is - always stay busy.Hailing from Johor, Redza often found himself alone on weekends while studying accounting at UiTM in Shah Alam."Most of my university friends were locals so on weekends I had a lot of free time on my hands," he recalls. "My father had taught me to always be active. Once when he caught me hanging around at home, he told me to go grab a bike and cycle around the neighbourhood. He would never allow me to just lounge about.