The CEO Of StoreHub Shares Their Next Move After Securing US$5.1 Million In Funding

January 25, 2018

If you've been to a store that uses an iPad as a cashier system, then you've probably indirectly used a StoreHub service-a Malaysian POS startup that provides a cloud-based system for retail SMEs like retailers, boutiques, grocery stores and cafes to manage their business.StoreHub offers inventory management, customer relationship management and the aforementioned iPad POS system-all for US$39/month (RM152.04/month).After expanding to 15 countries and 3,000 retail stores, StoreHub now sees a US$5.1 million (RM19.9 million) Series A funding round led by Vertex Ventures.Vertex Ventures is a subsidiary of Temasek Capital, a national wealth fund owned by the Government of Singapore.Vertex Ventures was an early investor for tech giants like Grab, Reebonz, and Patsnap. They are joined by Cradle Seed Ventures, Accord Ventures, and Fintonia Group.We reached out to Fong Wai Hong, Chieftain of StoreHub about the investors that are now on board."Vertex,