Start-up: Betting on localisation

January 14, 2018

For years, Jesrina Arshad suffered from various food allergies that led to skin rashes and indigestion almost on a daily basis, and she finally decided that enough was enough. She had tried conventional therapies with little or no result and decided it was time to find a solution among natural or alternative therapies.She started scouring the internet for natural health and wellness guides to deal with her health challenges. There was one problem, however - most of the guides were targeted at Western audiences. With the tips oriented towards the Western diet and lifestyle, they were very difficult to implement in Malaysia, especially for the long term, she says.But Jesrina, who was in the digital media industry then, was nothing if not resourceful. She modified and localised the suggestions and implemented them during a one-week experiment. To her delight, they worked. Suddenly, she felt better than she had in years. "That one week was a real eye-opener. The changes in my body were drastic. Sure, it was time-consuming and took a lot of effort, but the results were worth every minute," Jesrina declares.