Prime Commerce officially expands its market to Malaysia

June 17, 2021

The recent years have witnessed the trends of eCommerce and technology integration have been booming in the SEA market with the appearance of new players known as eCommerce enablers who provide end-to-end eCommerce services to brands that want to sell their products online and cross-borders. Prime Commerce has soon followed the early players and surprised the Vietnam market with their capability and potential in the field after being awarded as Top 30 Startups of the Global Accelerator Programme (GAP) in Malaysia in 2019 held by the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC). Mr. Han Mac - Prime Commerce Founder & CEO has shared that joining GAP was such a great opportunity that gave them a deep understanding of how eCommerce is vitalizing technology and is a booming trend in Vietnam, Malaysia, and SEA. Therefore, not only staying in the current playground, Han and his teams have kicked off a project with Flix (Koppa) - a Malaysian startup with some significant achievements since GAP 2019 with the vision and ambition to encourage digital transformation in Malaysia.

Founded in 2018, Prime Commerce is a tech-driven startup focusing on enabling SMEs to sell through all channels with their proven and experienced management team with deep industry knowledge. This promising startup has impressed the market with its all-in-one technology ecosystem and end-to-end solutions encompassing all aspects of the e-commerce value chain. Its ecosystem consists of an omnichannel distribution and POS management platform, website builder, Influencer Marketing, customer care management, integrated dashboard, and warehouse management system. Brands and SMEs can rely on such a solid technology platform to feasibly operate and optimize their eCommerce business. Prime Commerce also provides immense services covering IT solutions, business growth, eCommerce operations, marketing strategy and execution, customer services, cross-border warehousing, and fulfillment.

From the end of 2020 until now, Prime Commerce has successfully launched its beta version of the ecosystem with more than 800 active users within a precise time. Since then, more than 40 regional partners have found their potential to join the Prime Commerce network to leverage their ability with the technology to enhance user experiences with actual-in-demand features. Meanwhile, several clients of Prime Commerce who are big brands and SMEs have highly recommended Prime Commerce social and digital services and are pleased with the results. Further than that, being an official IT solution partner with Unilever Vietnam at the end of 2020 and about to conclude a long-term contract with Lazada Vietnam regarding exclusively operating and maintaining Lazada Service Marketplace are the great pride and joy of Prime Commerce in their developing journey. In 2021, the Nextran Vietnam Startup Report Q1 2021 has well-recognized Prime Commerce as an eCommerce enabler.

MaGIC’s GAP Programme ever since has made much of a contribution to Prime Commerce's growth and its subsequent growth achievements and has become a stepping stone for Prime Commerce to penetrate the potential Malaysian market. Till May 2021, there was an official release of a complete cycle system for SMEs synergizing all seven Prime Commerce products in data synchronization, API integration with the online payment providers (portal and e-wallet), and logistics partners. Thanks to such an honourable opportunity with MaGIC, more queries from global brands (Vietnam-based office) for restructuring and optimizing on-demand features to serve their business as a separate in-house system have been required to the Prime Commerce team.

In the event of penetration to Malaysia, Prime Commerce brings about its mission to not only serve brands and SMEs in their national boundary but also allow them to bring their business across borders. Brands and SMEs are now supported by a cross-border influencer platform, cross-border selling platform, and cross-border dropshipping platform that allows them to get orders and fulfil them from anywhere and anytime. The model has brought Brands and SMEs to the new level of the eCommerce industry and helped them seize every chance to approach new customers and grow their business.

Continuing to expand the markets and serve more, Han Mac and his team have oriented their focus on increasing awareness of Prime Commerce's end-to-end and cross-border solution platform for SMEs in Vietnam and Malaysian markets through the digital transformation programme. They are continuing to serve SMEs and brands with on-demand digital and social services with a double team of experts in the industry. Prime Commerce always aims to propose a comprehensive partnership with every SMEs they have been working with, leveraging their capability and potential for sustainable business growth.