One of Cambodia's brightest entrepreneurs talks tech, startups and cryptocurrencies

May 27, 2018

Rithy Thul is one of Cambodia's leading voices in technology and entrepreneurship. Originally beginning his entrepreneurial career in the tourism industry with the founding of Toursanak in 2010, he co-founded Cambodia's first coworking space in 2011 and shifted his focus more towards technology-based startups and projects.You established Cambodia's first coworking space several years ago. How has this project changed over time?I established SmallWorld, which started out as a coworking space, in 2011. At first, it was a venture that aimed to provide office space for early-stage startups and businesses in Cambodia. We are open to all startups from around the world, to anyone who is interested in coming to Cambodia and drawing investment here. Drawing this foreign interest is important.We also took this opportunity to help cultivate the startup scene in Cambodia and help it grow, by finding the most promising startups and fostering them. So far, we've invested in a few local startups including BookMeBus and Codingate. The cash we invest is normally minimal, but we invest a lot of time in helping these businesses, often giving them free offices and connecting them with potential investors. There are now a lot of coworking spaces entering Cambodia, and this is what we do to help the startup ecosystem.