Malaysian startup makes Klean sweep at Pitch@Palace Asean

June 7, 2018

WHO says you can't save the environment and solve poverty at the same time? Malaysian startup Klean proved that it could do just that as it made a splash at the recently concluded Pitch@Palace Asean 1.0 in Singapore.Klean was voted by the audience as the best startup among 17 others from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar and Vietnam as they pitched their ideas to an audience of investors, mentors and business executives.With the motto "Turning Waste into Money", the company's chief executive officer Nick Boden outlined Klean's objective to change the world's attitude towards waste by making plastic "too valuable" to discard.Klean is doing so by developing a Reverse Vending Machine that accepts empty polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or plastic bottles and aluminium cans, prepares them for recycling and rewards donors with talk time on Digi, top-up value for Touch 'n Go or converts it to investment-grade nano gold that is provided by their partnership with HelloGold."We really want to make a difference in people's lives by changing their attitude towards plastic by making it too valuable to throw away," said Boden.Through this method, Boden wants to address the plastic problem that is plaguing the world and assist those less fortunate at the same time.Klean aims to secure US$3 million in funding to help it further research and develop and launch 50 machines across Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.