MaGIC startup alumni collaborate to help ease Malaysia's car woes

May 7, 2018

ON APRIL 26 a smart partnership between MaGIC alumni SERV and JomParking with was announced with the aim of bringing convenience to Malaysia's drivers.The startups, each possessing a distinct expertise, from parking payment to battery replacement and car servicing, have described the collaboration as a more convenient way to help drivers resolve their driving and car maintenance issues.MaGIC alumni SERV CEO Arief Imran explained that the collaboration is "one initiative for (them) to support one another in becoming the best in (their) fields of service".MaGIC alumni JomParking founder Muhamad Nasir believes the collaboration between JomParking, and SERV will create a high impact solution, with users able to benefit from parking payment, battery replacement and car servicing.Despite the different service approaches, founder Azarol Faiza said "each vertical of JomParking, SERV and complements one another".JomParking and SERV are MaGIC alumni, having participated in the Global Accelerator Programme's (GAP) inaugural batch in 2017.GAP aims to help entrepreneurs accelerate growth by providing four months of mentoring from technical and business experts, direct access to route-to-market partners and benefits worth more than US$500,000 from partners.MaGIC CEO Ashran Ghazi, said: "We are really proud of both JomParking and SERV for how much they have grown in a mere six months after graduating from our global accelerator programme. Testimonies like this from our alumni are the real-life results which help demonstrate the effectiveness of the programmes that we run.