MaGIC Alumni, increases users fourfold through GAP

March 6, 2018

It all begun with Sejuk Studio, an idea for a mobile app development company that sparked during a Technopreneurship program Arif Tukiman was undergoing while pursuing his postgraduate degree. At Sejuk Studio -which literally translates to "Cool Studio"- the team of web developers constantly faced issues of development, deployment and maintenance. Having all the inquisitive traits that naturally comes embedded in developers, Sejuk Studio knew they were not the only ones facing similar issues and wanted to come up with an innovative solution that would address these issues for developers globally.And so in 2017, the team released their very own cloud server panel, is a SaaS (software as a service) that enables you to setup, configure, manage, and monitor your VPSes (virtual private servers) on cloud hosting providers, specifically for PHP web applications. Your VPS can be on Linode, Vultr, Digital Ocean, Amazon Lightsail, Google Cloud Platform, or any other provider running on Ubuntu came to life three years ago when Ahmad Fikrizaman, Arif's partner had an idea to develop a web hosting tool but soon learnt that the market was heavily competitive with big players like WHM, CPanel and Plesk. They knew their product would not have fared well. Collectively, they made the decision to pivot. This time catering their solution to mainly PHP developers and freelance web designers. Seeing that they were PHP Developers themselves, this was a solution that was close to their hearts. They were able to give something back to their was then later fine tuned and validated, ready to go head on against competitors who have yet to establish dominance in the space. After extensive market research, the team was eager to roll out their product knowing that they had a solution that could potentially capture market share.To build as a business, Arif had taken on the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) while Amir Fazwan became the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and was tasked to handle marketing efforts. Fikrizaman was made Chief Technology Officer (CTO) seeing that he was also the brains behind RunCloud's architecture.The team on a daily basis gets asked one similar question: Where does the money come from to even start something like this? According to Arif, they were all at the time fresh out of college with nothing but a degree or master's certificate and zero work experience, and thus had to bootstrap their way. To keep their startup afloat, Amir and Arif had to do a little moonlighting by building mobile applications while Fikrizaman worked on the Saas. Sejuk Studio caught their first break when they were accepted into the Media and Game Innovation Centre of Excellence (MAGICX) UTM Incubator Programme.As we know by now, the startup journey is not truly a startup journey without the hiccups. The team stumbled upon their first uh-oh moment ironically while catching their first break. They needed to be registered as a private limited business entity with the Companies Commision of Malaysia (SSM) but, due to registration issues, were beleaguered and was advised to change their name of their company.The team kept their "Cool" and settled with Cool Code Sdn Bhd.RunCloud made it to JOMLAUNCH4 in November 2016 and in July 2017, was accepted into MaGIC's Global Accelerator Programme, the "Best Accelerator Programme" recognized by ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards and Malaysia Rice Bowl Startup Awards in 2017. The four month long programme helped increase their users from 985 users in May 2017 to 4,661 users in January 2018. Similarly, their MRR (monthly recurring revenue) swelled by 83% since May 2017 where they had -for that month- recorded more than USD 1,000.Cool Code with their product say they are now growing MoM (month-on-month) organically by about 30% with no aggressive marketing or promotion spend. They had earlier raised a pre-seed round with Cradle CIP300 that was spent on marketing, user expansion and R & D talent acquisition. Seeing that's predominant users are from Europe and United States, they are looking to raise seed funds amounting to USD 500,000 for marketing and business development globally, this is currently managing over 3,700 servers, more than 11,000 web applications, 8,600 Databases and nearing 19,000 domains around the world. They were also interviewed by TechCrunch in December 2017. will be competing at the Techsauce Global Summit 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand after winning the Malaysian leg of the Techsauce roadshow.If you are looking to accelerate your business to be investment ready in 4 months just like, join the Global Accelerator Programme now: know more about, visit: