June 25, 2018

"I had an elder brother who was paralysed from a medical procedure that went wrong, when he was a baby. It caused him to be sub-paralyzed from neck to toe. Growing up with him, and being the youngest in the family, usually we are normally the 'pampered' ones, but not in my case.I was taught the harsh way to live independently. I was 12 when my dad and aunt had a big fight, and it was my aunt who took care of me since I was born. Hence, I had to wake up early to go school and prepare my own lunch, take the bus on my own - I felt demotivated on why my mom and dad spent more time with my brother, and not me. I felt loss.Cloudbreakr is my third startup. Despite failing two startups before this, I still believe in doing business because I want to leave a legacy behind. I like the challenge in growing something from scratch.Through MaGIC's Global Accelerator Program, I met the founder of Cloudbreakr who is based in Hong Kong. We had a good team synergy and that was why I chose to work together with him to bring Cloudbreakr to Malaysia.