How UUM Students Are Helping Rural M'sians Live Better With Just Coconut Shells

May 24, 2018

Co & Coal is a project by students of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) that engages with Northern Malaysian rural communities in an effort to improve their livelihoods through the creation of coconut coal. Co & Coal teaches these communities how to transform coconut shell waste into usable coal, and also helps them market their products to other businesses such as F & B outlets.Amid Malaysia's rapid socioeconomic development within its urban locales, it can be quite easy to forget about the rural folk that make up about 24 percent of Malaysia's entire population (accurate as of 2016).The numerous hardships they face-low income, lack of education, and insubstantial basic infrastructure (clean water, proper road systems)-are all very real problems that contribute to a quality of life can safely be described as unenviable.Hoping to help ease the burden felt by these communities (particularly in Northern Malaysia), a student project called Co & Coal from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in Kedah currently engages with these communities and teaches them how to transform coconut shell waste into coconut coal-a sustainable and easily made energy source. Subsequently, Co & Coal also then teaches them how to sell their products to customers.And according to this essentially equips these rural folk with a means to earn an income and educate them on creating a sustainable energy source.