Disruption: Finding the right balance in confinement care

June 17, 2018

The post-natal care industry is ripe for disruption. It is currently fragmented and dominated by traditionalists, many of whom, while experienced, have not been certified.The industry also faces the monumental task of bridging the digital divide between traditional confinement care "aunties" and highly educated and technologically savvy urban expectant mothers. This has created an opening for small businesses that are willing to be part of the solution by helping to transform the industry through a combination of technology, training and professionalism.Right now, the businesses are starting with almost a blank slate because there are currently no standards to go by. Post-natal care start-ups have to establish them and promote best practices such as training caregivers (also known as confinement nannies). They run the risk of these nannies quitting, once they are properly certified, to operate on their own and earn more money.