Dear VC, We Want Funding But We Don't Plan To Monetise. What Can We Do?

June 7, 2018

VCs typically look for innovation but also fund "copycats" that localise and improve products. For us at NEXEA, we fund companies that can provide a solution that has the potential to be ten times better (figuratively) and cheaper than the current solution. This is to ensure that there will be customers switching over to your solution, or what we call market disruption.When we evaluate idea-stage companies, we cannot be looking for revenues or the number of users you have accumulated. So, we will be funding you based on your team-mainly your experience, industry background, and why you are starting a company. We will also look at the market opportunity, the pain points of the problem, if the business model can work, and also if your proposed solution is strong enough. We call these the 'business fundamentals'.