Becoming A Tech-Based Entrepreneur Is Less About The Technology Than You Think

November 4, 2019

"Everything you touch, whether it's plantations, whether it's plastics, whether it's factories, anything you touch is tech-based. So that would put everybody in the tech base. We'll see various entrepreneurs coming up, but one thing will be certain, they will be tech-based. They will be ones that go much further, much faster."This was said by Gopi Ganesalingam, VP of Enterprise Development at MDEC, during a forum entitled "The Future Of Tech-based Entrepreneurship".With a statement like that, it would seem there is no longer a need to discuss the future of tech-based entrepreneurship any further. Tech-based entrepreneurship is the future.Instead, the panel shared how being a tech-based entrepreneur is less about the tech and more about what you do off the grid.Get the Full scoop on Vulcan Post