85% Of This SE's Students Say They're More Confident, The Secret - Performance Arts

June 17, 2018

"Performing arts is a wholesome method. It's also completely flexible when it comes to teaching kids. They get to express themselves through the story or music that they create. This keeps them engaged in the class," said Koggelavani Muniandy, the Co-founder of GoodKids."There is no right or wrong in art. It gives them the space to try without being judged, as opposed to conventional teaching methods."GoodKids is a social enterprise that helps youth build self confidence, creativity, and self-expression through performing arts and counselling. Last year alone, they impacted over 100 youth across 3 public schools, 2 shelter homes, an Orang Asli community, and a vocational skill learning centre for dropouts.According to their impact report, more than 85% of their students said they feel more confident after going through the GoodKids program. They've also helped increase the student retention rate to 82% in 2017. Here's their story.