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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the MyStartup Hub 2022?
MyStartup Hub Program (MSH) is a soft-landing programme for global innovative companies/startups from around the world to establish a business hub in Malaysia. Collaborating with Malaysian ministries and agencies.

MyStartup Hub provides assistance in company incorporation, local talent acquisition, and Malaysia’s market access.
What type of startups are you looking for?
We are looking for global innovative companies/startups that are in the high-growth stage, ready to expand in Malaysia. If you fit most of the criteria below, apply!

Ready to establish a business hub in ASEAN

Have NOT register any business entity in Malaysia yet

Considering Malaysia as a potential hub

Possess innovations that benefit the people of ASEAN

High-Growth & Expansion stage

Proven traction and technology

>TRL 6 or Series A and above (Expansion ready)

> RM1 million annual revenue

Strong financial records and/or backing (funding)

Looking to hire a minimum of 5 Malaysian team members

Country Director/Manager


Minimum team size of 3-5 persons

Priority is given to startups in the following 6 prioritised verticals, but not limited to:

Green Technology

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Cities & Transportation

Healthcare, Medical devices, Pharmaceutical

Tourism and Education

Clear growth plan and commitment to expanding into ASEAN

I’d like to learn more before setting up a hub in Malaysia?
Yes! The Access to Malaysia Programme at Stage 0 is for global innovative companies/startups to understand more about Malaysia. Please refer to programme details published on our website.
What are the benefits of this programme?
MRANTI, MyStartup Hub Programme is offering incentives worth USD 5,750 to selected global startups under the MyStartup Hub Programme!

Stage 0: Access to Malaysia programme cost is USD 750.

After Stage 0, if your company chooses to proceed with the programme in Malaysia, upon fulfilling the following commitments, you may apply to claim the incentives:
(i) SSM registration with paid up capital and,
(ii) Hire more than 3 local talents

You may apply to claim the incentives. Upon approval, MRANTI shall grant the  Stage 2 Talent Hiring Incentive (USD 750) + Stage 3 Market Access Programme (worth USD 3,500) to you.
May I make a cash claim for the Stage 3 Market Access Programme?
You are not allowed to make a cash claim for Stage 3 Market Access Programme.
Does MyStartup Hub guarantee I get partnerships and specific connections in these programmes?
As a disclaimer to our programme, we DO NOT guarantee in providing specific connections that you want and DO NOT guarantee successful partnerships, we will be assisting you on best effort basis.
Will MyStartup Hub provide travelling and accommodation reimbursement/claims during this programme?
No. Any travelling, accommodation and/or other expenses, it has to be borne by yourself. The programme is solely for organizing the Market Access programme’s content. ALL COSTS INCURRED DURING STAGE 1 - BUSINESS REGISTRATION, VISA, EMPLOYMENT PASSES, PROCESS APPLICATIONS & etc; STAGE 2 - TALENT HIRING PROCESS APPLICATIONS, COMMISSION AND FEES & etc ARE TO BE BORNE BY THE STARTUPS unless otherwise mentioned.
What are the objectives of the programme?

To provide global innovative companies/startups entry into Malaysia as the testbed and gateway to the ASEAN market.

To help global innovative companies/startups with the Malaysia business hub setup, talent hiring and provide market access in assisting them to establish in ASEAN Market.

To leverage Malaysia’s strong positioning in the regional ecosystem for local and international startups.

To instil the exchange of knowledge between local startups and international startups to be more forward-thinking and relevant to IR 4.0.

Why should I join the programme?
We will assist you in your business set-up, talent recruitment and vertical-specific market access via our network of partners including government agencies, corporates and universities. At best effort, we will connect you to our available connections, however, our programme DO NOT guarantee any specific connections or successful partnerships.
What is the commitment required from startups?
Startups are required to commit to the programme on a meeting schedule basis for the entire duration during the market access programme. Workshops and business meetings will be conducted digitally or physically and startups will have the rest of the time free to work on their business as needed.
What are my responsibilities throughout the MyStartup Hub programme?
It is important to note that this programme provides guidance and assistance to register a company and hire talents in Malaysia, ALL COSTS INCURRED DURING STAGE 1 - BUSINESS REGISTRATION, VISA, EMPLOYMENT PASSES, PROCESS APPLICATIONS & etc; STAGE 2 - TALENT HIRING PROCESS APPLICATIONS, COMMISSION AND FEES & etc ARE TO BE BORNED BY THE STARTUP unless otherwise mentioned. we DO NOT hands-on, represent, deliver or execute the work on your behalf, you’ll be responsible to communicate, deal direct, liaise, compile and provide sufficient information and documentation as requested by any connections we provided to ensure your success in registration and hiring.  The core focus of the programme is for you to build your network, grow your business and achieve your milestones. It’s also the responsibility of startups to maximise the opportunities during this programme to acquire contracts, revenues and fundings in Malaysia, and obliged to report the outcomes to the MRANTI GIX team 6-12 months after the end of the programme.
How long does the programme last?
The programme’s duration varies according to the respective programme phase and kindly refer to the programme details page for the programme duration.
Does MyStartup Hub invest in startups?
MyStartup Hub does not invest or take any equity in the startups during the programme. Any connections and relationships acquired during the programme solely belong to the startups. MyStartup Hub does not interfere in any decision making in any future business dealings.
Do we have to incorporate a company in Malaysia?
You’re NOT required to have a business entity to participate in stage 0, we shall work together on this requirement together with you at Stage 1. For your startup to entitle the Market Access Programme at stage 3, you need to incorporate the company in Malaysia and hire 3-5 local talents within 12 months after the global startup signs the Incentive Offer Letter.
Does MyStartup Hub provide cash funding/investment?
No, MyStartup Hub does not fund any startup during the programme.
Will MyStartup Hub help with PR/media?
There is no direct PR support. However, startups may potentially get highlighted in local/regional press.
How does the MyStartup Hub Programme measure success?
Our focus is to help the startup expand its market to Malaysia. Our key measure of success is to increase the number of foreign startups expanding to the Malaysia market by increasing the opportunities for knowledge transfer, and job creation opportunities.
May I have the agenda for the programme?
The agenda is not available publicly but you will receive it once selected.
Please explain more about the level of commitment required during the programme -- do I need to be there online each day?
All participants are required to have a 90% check-in attendance throughout this programme to update your progress.
Can I make changes (add/replace) to my team members, even after being accepted into the programme?
We understand that operation is utmost important for expanding stage startups, therefore, we allow some flexibility in sending a representative to the programme’s meetings that you as the primary applicant is not able to attend, however, the communication between your team needs to be consistent and the representative should be someone who is a decision maker.
Instead of uploading my documents on MyStartup’s Hub website, can I just submit it through email?
No, participants are required to submit all documents on our online application.
Note: Unless there are issues uploading the documents.
How can  I apply?
Kindly submit your applications here
When can I apply?
Please refer to the intake opening on our official website.
When will we find out if we got accepted into the programme?
MyStartup Hub aims to notify all applicants on the status of their applications one (1) month after the closing of application.
Will I get notified if my application gets rejected? What can I do after?
Yes, we can assure you that you will be notified.
What do I need to apply for MyStartup Hub? Recommendation letter? Pitch video?
Please refer to the online application form on our website. The application will require information about your startup and your team.
Will MyStartup Hub provide any insurance cover during the programme?
Insurance will not be provided.
Where do I go if I have more questions?
Thank you for your interest. Kindly email and our team will get back to you.