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Assists the Vice President in the development and execution of brand and communications strategy; monitors compliance to the brand and communication policy and standard operating procedure; aligns brand strategy with PR, digital &social media and Marcom strategies.

Solution Seeker
Solution Seeker

Job Requirements

● Degree in either of the following fields: Marketing, Public Relations, Communications,Digital Marketing and relevant qualifications.
● At least 8 years of related experience and 3 years of work experience in a similar role/ function.
● Candidate has at least a Bachelor's Degree / Post-Graduate Diploma / Professional Degree in Creative or equivalent.
● Analytical and Project Management skills.
● Competent and able to use current and updated tools and technology platforms to deliver creative work.
● Good presentation skills and ability to convey key-messaging well.
● Able to translate information required into project briefs for internal team reference including procuring brand guidelines, high-resolution creative assets and other materials to support the brief.
● Comparative Research skills - able research and review similar programmes or products in order to identify improvements for recommendation to HOD.
● Meticulous and accurate in documentation and reporting.
● Ability to work on multiple projects/ tasks concurrently and maintain precision under tight deadlines.
● Willingness to accept a wide range of responsibilities and do what it takes to deliver.
● Ability to meet set deadlines and escalates early if deadlines can't be met with current resources available.

Solution Seeker
Solution Seeker



● Assists the Vice President in developing and executing brand and promotions strategy, which includes ATL (above-the-line) and BTL (below-the-line) communication for internal and external.
● Manages concept and creatives development, media buys and execution of all ATL and BTL communications, as well as its production and delivery through effective and efficient processes and practices.
● Manages the development of new brand platforms, ATL and BTL communication channels and opportunities that reinforce and validate the corporate brand positioning to increase the company’s visibility.
● Propagates the company’s ethos to build desired brand image through internal and external brand activation activities; Ensures staff is on-brand through brand activation programmes.
● Monitors the organisation’s adherence to the brand policy and guideline to ensure company- wide ATL and BTL communications are aligned with the brand and communication strategy.


● Provides counsel and direction to the digital media team on designing digital and social media strategies.
● Manages the development of content that is optimised for search engines
● Ensures active and timely update/posting of content, messages and promotions on digital and social media. All contents must meet messaging and content standards prior to publishing.
● Ensures the provision of analytics on websites and social media platforms and recommends actions to increase engagement with the audience.
● Ensures timely responses to conversations and enquiries received from social media and websites.


● Manages the development and production of marketing communications materials, product marketing and overall marketing collateral to support MaGIC core activities.
● Obtains necessary consent on all marketing collateral and promotions
● Analyses and recommends media buy to support lead generation activities
● Tracks and monitors marketing and communication budget.


● Assists in the development of communication strategy and execution of all public relations activities.
● Works closely with the communications team in delivering the desired narratives and positioning.

Solution Seeker
Solution Seeker


Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC)

Solution Seeker

MaGIC discovers and empowers technology startups and social innovators through creativity, innovation and technology adoption, and develops a vibrant and sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem in Malaysia. Since its inception in 2014, MaGIC has provided its community of start-ups, investors and ecosystem players with capacity building programmes, market & funding opportunities and regulatory assistance that impacted more than 100,000 aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs with overall value creation of RM1.9 billion. As an agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), MaGIC facilitates, navigates and enables the ecosystem with the mission of strengthening Malaysia’s position as an emerging innovation nation.