Tsucrea Co., Ltd, is a professional entrepreneur supporter, operating more than 10 incubation centres in Japan. Their mission is to get closer to local and global entrepreneurs, bring up more startups, and contribute for a better future. They create innovative societies with entrepreneurs by utilising their internal and external networks as one team with mentoring, events and investment services.

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1st April 2022 - 31st May 2022

Programme Duration

4th July 2022 - 23rd September 2022

RM5,000 RM2,500 programme fee
per startup

2-3 pax

*Should there be any traveling, expenses to be bourne by the startup and 50% subsidised by MRANTI.

*Please read the FAQ and T&C for details

Programme List

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Phase 1

Programme Stage: Pre-Immersion Trip

Duration: 5 Days

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Day 1 : Japan’s Market

An introduction to the general overview of the overall Japanese market

Day 2 : Doing Business in Japan

A seminar session to better understand the regulations and legal compliances of running a foreign company in Japan

Day 3 : Product Market Fit in Japan

A seminar session to better understand the participants’ business model and providing feedback on establishing suitable product market fit strategies in order to succeed in the Japanese market

Day 4 : The Japanese Investors Mindset

A seminar to better understand the do’s and don’ts on pitching to the Japanese investors and improving presentation skills to better be equipped for investors’ pitching sessions

Day 5 : Introduction to Mentor & 1:1 Mentoring

Introduction session to anchor mentor that will give local expert perspective to build solutions in Japan

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Programme Stage: Immersion Trip

Duration: 5 Days

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Japanese Investors and Partners Matching

The immersion programme will be the first activity for the companies to start doing client-facing work with local stakeholders and get deeper insight in scaling up their business in Japan

The immersion programme will help the companies get in touch with its local partners to better analyse collaborations and scaling up potential in Japan

During the Immersion programme, the companies will meet their potential partners on how it is like to run a business in Japan and potentially open the discussion for future collaborations

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Programme Stage: Workshop

Duration: 5 Days

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Module 1 : The Venture

Module 2 : Initial Market

Module 3 : Value Creation

Module 4 : Competitive Advantage

Module 5 : Customer Acquisition

Module 6 : Product Unit Economics

Module 7 : Sales

Module 8 : Design & Build

Module 9 : Discipline Entrepreneurship Canvas

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Programme Stage: Validation Trip

Duration: 5 Days

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Validation and long-term partners meeting

Validation meetings and long-term partners meeting will be held for a week in finalising the product and scale up plan of each company in Japan

The validation trip will help the companies in making sure that the solutions provided are fit for the market in Japan through validation meetings with the stakeholders or potential customers

Validation Metrics

Stakeholders Mapping with Companies
Companies will meet the strategic partners in discussing their product to later decide whether its solutions fit for the market or need further development.

Initial Meeting: Engagement with Stakeholders <> Companies
Through extensive meetings, the companies will be discussing the operations of the business with preferred strategic partners in Japan

Target Setting & Procurement Meetings
The target setting & procurement meeting will be the follow-ups for the companies and the strategic partners in setting up partnership targets and seal the deal

Post-Programme: Tracking metrics & reporting
Bi-Weekly tracking with the companies for 3 months will help the alignment of goals and ensuring the achievement of the key desirable metrics of the business

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Programme Stage: Closing Ceremony

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GMP Japan Closing Ceremony

Partners and companies will have a chance once again to meet and present their collaborations to a selected public audience

The graduation day will be held to showcase the results of the 3 months journey of the Global Market-fit Programme

Activities Include:

Company Showcase
Each company will have a 5 minutes pitching session; to highlight the company's and partners collaborations during the time of programme. The showcase will be pre-recorded and broadcasted to announce the products publicly

Disclaimer: Programme content may differ from the published and is subject to change.

Prioritised Verticals

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Financial Technology

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Information Technology

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Software as a service

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Agriculture Technology

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Smart Manufacturing

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Bio Technology

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Smart City

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Green Technology

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Enabling Technology

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Eligibility Criteria

Malaysian Innovative Companies with :

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Commercialised (TRL 6 or Series A and above),

High Growth - Expansion Stage,

Solid Traction,

Strong financial records,

Majority Malaysian-owned or based in Malaysia,

or Malaysian Impact Innovation companies.

Programme Timeline

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