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KUMPUL is the premier digital entrepreneurship ecosystem builder in Indonesia. KUMPUL empowers entrepreneurs through its 70 hubs in 32 cities. It assembles startups, corporates, ecosystem builders and investors in one platform to bring synergy and impact across the nation.

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1st April 2021 -
7th May 2021

Programme Duration

31st May 2021 -
30th July 2021

RM5000 programme fee per startup*

2-3 pax

*Should there be any traveling, expenses to be bound by the startup.

*Please read the FAQ and T&C for details

Programme List

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Pre-Immersion Trip
(5 Days)

Programme Stage: Pre-Immersion Trip (5 Days)

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Introductions to Indonesia’s Government Agencies

An introductory meeting to better address startups expansion potentials in Indonesia.

Meet The Community

A one-on-one meeting with Indonesia’s community of interest to dig deeper into the challenges that each startup would like to solve in the country.

Doing Business in Indonesia

A seminar session to better understand the regulations and legal compliances of running a foreign company in Indonesia.

Strategic Partners Meeting

A one-on-one meeting with each potential strategic partners to further explore partnership probabilities.

Introduction to Anchor Mentor & 1:1 Mentoring

Introduction session to anchor mentor that will give local expert perspective to build solutions in Indonesia.

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Immersion Trip
(5 Days)

Programme Stage: Immersion Trip (5 Days)

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Startups & Stakeholders Client Facing

The immersion programme will be the first activity for the startups to start doing a client-facing work with local stakeholders and get deeper insight in scaling up their business in Indonesia.

The immersion programme will help startups get in touch with its local partners to better analyze collaborations and scaling up potential in Indonesia.

During the Immersion programme, startups will meet their potential partners on how it is like to run a business in Indonesia.

*Partners connected to the startups will be decided based on startups needs during pre-immersion

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Design Sprint
(5 days physical / 10 half day virtual)*

Programme Stage: Design Sprint (5 days physical / 10 half day virtual)*

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Design Sprint with Sprint Experts - to assist our Malaysian startups to derive a product/solution market-fit strategy for the Indonesian market to accelerate speed-to-market.

*To be confirmed

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Validation Trip
(5 days)

Programme Stage: Immersion Trip Day 3

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Validation and long-term partners meeting

Validation meetings and long-term partners meeting will be held for a week in finalising the product and scale up plan of each startup in Indonesia.

The validation trip will help the startups in making sure that the solutions provided are fit for the market in Indonesia through validation meetings with the stakeholders or potential customers.

Validation Metrics

Stakeholders Mapping with Startups

Startups will meet the strategic partners in discussing its product to later decide whether its solutions fit for the market or need further development.

Initial Meeting: Engagement in between Stakeholders and Startups

Through extensive meeting, the startups will be discussing the operations of the business with preferred strategic partners in Indonesia.

Target Setting & Procurement Meetings

The target setting & procurement meeting will be the follow-ups for the startups and the strategic partners in setting up partnership target and seal the deal.

Post-Programme: Tracking metrics & reporting

Bi-Weekly tracking with the startups for 3 months will help the alignment of goals and ensuring the achievement of the key desirable metrics of the business.

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Graduation Day

Programme Stage: Immersion Trip Day 4

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GMP Indonesia Graduation Day

Partners and startups will have a chance once again to meet and present their collaborations to a selected public audience.

The graduation day will be held to showcase the results of the 3 months journey of Global Market-fit Programme.

Activities Includes

Startup Showcase

Each startup will have a 5 minutes pitching session; to highlight startups and partners collaborations during the time of programme. The showcase will be pre-recorded and broadcasted to announce the products publicly.

Networking Session

The networking session will invite KUMPUL and MaGIC private sector, VCs, or Government agencies partners to look further into a collaborations after the products are established.

Token of Appreciation

A sharing of appreciation to all parties involved in the programme will be held. The partners, community and startups will receive a pack of gimmick in remembrance of the GMP Programme.

Disclaimer: program content may differ from the published and is subject to change.

As the courtesy in this partnership with MaGIC, Global Market-fit Award is offer to one (1) outstanding startup by NiEA*:
Support One (1) outstanding startup to establish in Taiwan.
1-year free access to Taiwan Startup Terrace co-working space (Business office address registration is available)
1-year free local market-fit support by NiEA
Taiwan Startup Terrace Housing/Lodging support
* Award’s prize details, final selection and discrete decision is by NiEA.

Prioritised Verticals

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Smart Cities

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Smart Manufacturing

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Food and Beverage Tech

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Transformation Solutions


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Eligibility Criteria

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High Growth - Expansion Stage

Strong financial records

Commercialised (TRL 6 or Series A above)

Solid traction

Majority Malaysian-owned or based in Malaysia