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An end-to-end Booster Pack for Startup Creation

Gain access to the entire force of MaGIC and the full power of the innovation ecosystem


Get MaGIC Campus ID, Attend Programmes & Collect Points, Use the Points to Redeem Perks!

Activate Your ID & Get Verified

Ensuring you deal with genuine people, not automated robots. Like CTOS for startup founders and ecosystem players.

Collect & Utilise Points

A gamified learning pathway and reward-based experience of your startup adventure. Gain xp experience & rp redeemable points from MaGIC Programmes.

Redeem Perks & Solve Quests

A rewarding perks marketplace for your startup needs and points earning system along with actionable Quests in exchange for points.

The Benefits of Startup Campus ID

There are many reasons why should you activate your Campus ID account. Here’s why:

  1. Discover the ‘verified-members-only’ opportunities
  2. Experience a gamified startup journey with MaGIC’s point system
  3. Improve your startup experience with guided learning paths & recommended programmes
  4. Post and accomplish Quests to gain points and rewards
  5. Access the ‘verified-members-only’ assistance & content

We know startup creation is uncharted, why not make the journey clearer?

At times, a startup journey can be daunting. With claiming unverified resources and dealing with faceless emails, you can’t be 100% sure it is the real deal. That’s why we decided on a verification process because you deserve the real thing - genuine people, genuine information. Proven and verified by MaGIC.


We know startup creation is stressful, why not make the journey enjoyable?

As you go through your journey with MaGIC, you'll gain xp Points and Re Redeemable Points (RP). Your xp Experience Points (XP) will always grow, giving you more and more access to relevant things based on your experience. RP Redeemable Points (RP) will fluctuate as you earn and use them to grow your ideas and startups.

One man's trash is another man's treasure

We know startup creation is expensive, why not make the journey rewarding?

There are countless solutions out there for your startup's growth and performance but which ones are the best fit for you? It's challenging, we know. That's why we curate the best benefits, perks and rewards for your well-earned RP Redeemable Points (RP). Need something specific? Post a Quest using your RP and get the assistance you need.


How to Get Your Campus ID


Login/register with MaGIC Central Account & click `Campus ID` in cpanel


Perform Individual EKYC using mobile phone and mykad (auto process)


Agree to T&C of Campus ID


Campus ID for individual membership created. Obtain ID like ‘P12345’


Agree to T&C of Campus ID on behalf of the organisation


If, user want to get Campus ID for an organisation he has access to, select the organisation drop down by first clicking ‘SWITCH’


Perform Organisation EKYC (manual process)


Campus ID for organisation membership created. Obtain ID like ‘C12345’



15-30 JAN


1-28 FEB

Develop MVP

MVP Perk portal up. Start recruiting perks provider.

31 MAR

Phase 1: Go Live

Admin can allocate points from backend. Members can enroll Campus ID (ekyc), view collected points in Control Panel.

30 APR

Phase 2: Development

Perks portal up.

31 MAY

Phase 2: Go Live

Perks provider can offer perks and quest thru control panel. 

31 JUN

Phase 3: Development

Learning pathway completed

31 JUL

Phase 3: Go Live

AI recommendation completed.Streamline operation.

Supported by the Best of the Best,
for the Best

We are rallying the battle cries and beating the war drums on the ultimate collaborations, just for you.


Are you interested to help and strengthen the startup ecosystem?

We're aiming high and we're taking you for the ride. Join us in making the ecosystem a better place by leveraging our existing leads and market access for your solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply a MaGIC Campus Membership?
Everybody in the ecosystem are welcome. Startup founders can apply for themselves and their company. Campus membership also a prerequisite for company who like to offer perks.
How can I join MaGIC Campus ID?
First you need an active MaGIC Central account where you can register for FREE using email. Then you can enroll to either individual or organisation membership. The process required you to EKYC verified first. You will be given a membership ID like P12345 (individual) or C12345 (organisation). The entire programme is FOC and we will never appoint any agent for engagement.
What information you collect in EKYC process?
Individual membership: IC scan. For fallback: Name, IC number, address, gender, birthdate. Organisation membership: SSM Registration number. For fallback: PDF of SSM registration doc.
Is my individual data safe with MaGIC?
Yes. Your IC copy is grayscale and watermarked when upload and auto deleted after the approval process.
How long does it take for the MaGIC Campus ID approval process?
If our automated EKYC solution works, you obtain the membership immediately. Else it will fall back to manual process and would take between 3-5 working days.
Can I use a proxy to do all these for me?
No. As everything is done through an online self help system, you are expected to DIY and our system do not support doing it through a proxy.
I have multiple user account on Central created with different email addresses, will it still work?
Yes. Although you can only have one Campus ID per IC but it can be link to other user account of yours by repeating the same Individual EKYC process.
How do I create Campus ID for my organisation?
By eKYC yourself first and your organisation next using SSM registration number, we are able to tell if you are the shareholder of the company. Only legitimate shareholder can create Campus ID for his/her companies.
How do I earn or collect points?
You can earn both xp  (experience point) & rp (redeemable point) by participate in selected MaGIC programmes. Bonus points awarded when you level up and completing the funnel. RP also can be earn by completing task offered on Perk portal.
What’s the usage of this Campus ID point?
Member can use RP to redeem perks offered by our perks provider while XP collected will be use for assessment and qualification check.
Can I spend XP at marketplace?
No, you can’t spend XP. Unlike RP, the XP amount will keep accumulating and not reduce. It is mainly use for assessment and qualification check.
What is the value of 1 RP?
It is equivalent to RM1
I joined a selected MaGIC programme but in year 2015. Will I beable to receive points for that?
Currently we are focussing on 2021 programmes as our pilot. As we improve further, we should be able to back date your participation (provided you keep your account active)
What’s the process list to earn point by participated in a MaGIC programme?
For example, you joined MaGIC MOOC DBA which have a total of 8 certificates.
  1. You completed all subjects and received 8 certificates.
  2. Depending on requirements set by program owner, your point will be awarded within X working days (yet to finalised) after submitted the feedback survey.
  3. Points is awarded to associate MaGIC startup campus id or email (for individual) and organisation.
  4. Awarded points will not be usable immediately. Member need to login Central using the associated MaGIC startup campus ID membership and to click the ‘Claim’ button to activate it.
What’s the process from ‘getting listed on the perk platform’ to ’complete redemption’?
  1. Perks provider to obtain a Campus Membership (organisation).
  2. Perks provider submit a perk for approval.
  3. Admin evaluate to approve or reject.
  4. Approved perk will be automatically published on platform
  5. Other campus member redeem the perk
  6. Perks provider DIY manage the redemption (approve / reject)
  7. Perks provider update the workflow (Approved -> Delivered -> Completed)
  8. RP deducted from redeemer, and added to perks provider on `Delivered` status
  9. Any dispute will be solve by the operation team on case by case basis
Which programmes are covered?
  1. Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
  2. University Startup Challenge
  3. Workshops
  4. Bootcamps
  5. Global Accelerator Programme (GAP)
  6. MyStartup Hub (MSH)
  7. Global Market-Fit Programme (GMP)