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Solve your challenges by leveraging on the power of the startup ecosystem and foster collaborations between the public, corporates and investors for crowdsourced innovations.


Solve, Rally, and Support

A platform for Everyone, rallied by Corporates and contributed by Supporters


Post Challenges for
Crowdsourced Solutions

Every challenge and problem has a solution so if you are stuck, why not get a second pair of eyes to look at it? Break out of the box.


Rally the Ecosystem for Your
Corporate Needs

Another corporate’s woe is another founder’s opportunity! Solve your corporate challenges by rallying the power of the startup ecosystem.


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a Better Future

Pledge your support by contributing time or becoming a patron to a challenge and offer your resources for the future!


Post & Accept Challenges

Here's a quick step-by-step "how-to" guide to post and accept challenges

How to Post a Challenge?

The Activate platform is open for anyone to post their problem statements as open innovation challenges.


Verify & Login

Login and verify your identity and your company before posting a challenge.


Post a Challenge

Fill in the details of your problem statements and accept the terms and conditions.


Review & Publish

The Activate team will review the Challenge information and publish it if no errors.

Post a Challenge

How to Accept a Challenge?

Once a Challenge is published on the Activate platform, anyone can submit solutions and resources for a Challenge's benefits and rewards.


Browse Challenges

Create your stories and share your impact project to be browsed by Impact Champions.


Select & Submit

Once your stories are finalised, submit your impact project to be reviewed and approved.



At this point, your impact project is approved. All we need to do is get the pageviews. So share, share, and share!


Get Inspired and Get Started!

Browse through the Impact Feed for things to listen, watch and read. Select the Impact area you're interested in and get browsing


Browse for Experiences and Adventures

Find active programmes, funding opportunities, challenges and more in the impact ecosystem.

If you are an ecosystem supporter and want your event or programme to be listed email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question our FAQs do not address, kindly drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you

Who is an Impact Champion?

An Impact Champion is anyone with a passion to assist in the development and rollout of solutions targeting societal and environmental challenges. Impact Champions can include corporates and individuals who have the resources and expertise to support Impact-Driven Enterprises - working together for collective impact and learning together through value exchange.

What can I get from SIX / Is SIX for me?

SIX is a platform for corporates and experts to get connected to potential CSR projects; add to their pipeline for programmes and investments; find projects to collaborate with; and simply to find Impact Driven Enterprises who need your support. 

What resources could I provide to the IDEs? 

Both financial and non-financial resources. These can include: investments, both equity and non-equity based; grants; procurement contracts; legal advice; advice on impact measurement and management and more. If you have the experience to aid enterprises to grow and you have a passion for impact, you are the right person! 

What kinds of projects can I find on SIX? 

You can find projects based on the UNSDGs, industries, beneficiaries they support, location of their beneficiaries and by MaGIC’s 5 Impact Pillars. You may view projects here, there will be more to come as we have only recently launched. 

I want to support a project, how do I contact project owners? 

On the project page you’ll find a green “Contact Organisation” button. Hitting that will generate a form to leave your contact details for the project owner to get in touch with you.

I have a specific area of interest, but there are no projects in that area, what do I do? 

Get in touch! Even though it’s not listed on SIX there might be an organisation we know of that will fit you well. We are happy to connect the dots between Impact Champions and Impact-Drive Enterprises. Please write to

Can I procure products and services from the IDEs?

Of course! In fact we have a sister project called Buy For Impact where you can find a catalogue of products made by Social Enterprises. We would recommend you to visit Buy For Impact to start exploring. 

Who is an Impact-Driven Enterprise (IDE)?  

An Impact-Driven Enterprise (IDE) provides solutions to societal and environmental challenges. You qualify as an IDE if you are an entrepreneur or a research team working on a solution for the society and environment. It is recommended that research teams intend to register as a Sdn Bhd as evidence of their commitment to commercialise their solutions. All applications will be validated by MaGIC.

Is SIX for me? 

If you are solving a societal and environmental issue through commercial means with a product, service or prototype that requires additional help to get it up and running or to scale then YES! SIX is essentially a place for you to feature your project and the type of assistance you require. Have a look at projects already listed on SIX here

How can I apply and get my project listed?

Click here to start your application. If you do not already have an account with MaGIC you will be required to create one. You will find a detailed guide on how to create a project here

When will I know if my project gets approved? 

After you submit your application it will take 3-5 working days for the SIX team to approve your project. Once approved it will automatically be listed here and you will be notified via email as well. 

How will I know if someone is interested in my project?

Impact Champions will get in touch via the “Contact Organisation” button on your project page. They will fill up a form containing their details and their interest in your project, this will be sent to your email. From there you can directly get in touch with the Impact Champion on your preferred platform via a call, email, text etc. 

Can I edit my project once it has been listed?

Yes. In the event you require more or less assistance you definitely should update your project page. However, after you edit your project it will need to be re-approved. This will take up to 3-5 working days. 

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